Sunday, August 4, 2013


       Oh, July, couldn't you have hung out with us a little while longer? You were so full and so busy and yes, rather hot some of the time but as long as it is your calendar face looking back at me, I know it is still summer with many more weeks yet to enjoy.

      July, you brought a great array of activity! So much so, that I think I'll have to devote more than one post to you. It's always fun to celebrate the Fourth of July, our Independence Day, and this year  we took the fixin's for an indoor picnic down to my Mom and Dad's and enjoyed burgers and potato salad and homemade iced tea (pretty much the best recipe around!!) and later that night watched the star studded cast from the nation's Capitol and some of the finest fireworks around - all from the comfort of our home TV since the temperatures were still soaring almost as high as the rockets celebrating the birth of our country and all we love about America.

     July has also come to mean Kid Fest. If you've been reading my blog since it's beginning, you might remember that last year's Kid Fest was a tad sad as both my kids were away and I was missing serving alongside them. But this year Logan has a summer internship with our Director of Children's Ministries, who also happens to be my boss, so we actually worked on scripts for the daily sketches together and when he volunteered to step down from helping with the big picture stuff on stage to being a team leader with his own group of campers, I got to see him in action in two different leadership roles. And while Katrina was away on another summer dance intensive, Don signed up for tech duty so all of us who were in town had the joy of being part of providing a great summertime experience for the 1400 kids we hosted!

Yes, you read that right, 1400 kids! Plus two chickens and one sheep who we added to the mafan on the stage each day. Charlotte and Lilly seemed happy enough to hang out in the pen each day but "Caroline" (my name for her since her owner said her name was "#43") baaaaaaaaaaaaaa'ed so insistently that she only spent one day with us. Apparently some found her a bit .  .  . distracting. This is what happens with highly creative people who are, well, easily distracted. : )

     Another highlight of Kid Fest for me was the opportunity to direct the team of actors who were bringing those daily sketches to life each morning. I'd directed these sketches other summers, had directed all of the kids when they were in elementary school and have known some of then since they were in kindergarten, and this group was especially talented, hard working and just plain fun! Some of them are heading off to college this fall so it was great to have one last dramatic swan song with them!
       One of the biggest highlights of Kid Fest for all the campers is our daily sliming. Yes, you also read that right - sliming. You can be slimed for a variety of reasons, but simply being within reach when a victim  volunteer is needed can be all it takes. People can be slimed, and because you never want to make things too predictable, mascot characters can also be slimed much to the kids' absolute delight and much to the dismay of those wearing the costume and dealing with additional 30 pounds of liquid from the slime and the washing off in the slime machine. No I was not in the chicken costume, but I was backstage to see the various victims, I mean volunteers emerge from the slime machine, good attitudes still in tact and thankful for the backstage bathroom showers!!


          I'm so thankful for the army of volunteers who were willing to undergo such craziness, some even taking precious vacation days to volunteer their time and talents when they could be floating in the pool or relaxing on the beach! Our virtue/theme this year was LOVE and it was so exciting to see so many kids having the opportunity to learn more about just how much God loves them. We know many of the kids who come have had the chance to learn about God's love for them but we also knew we had kids who were hearing this amazing truth for the very first time. Exhausting as it all could be, it was so great to realize God could use us to make a difference and bring hope and encouragement to every kid's heart. It was a great way for all of us to show our gratitude to God for His awesome love for each one of us!

      What a way to get July off to a great start!!

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  1. I'm catching up a little in blogland this morning. Somehow it's the middle of August, which really does signal the end of summer, even for us empty nesters : ) How fun to get to see your son doing what he loves...makes a mama heart proud and full.