Friday, May 24, 2013

Where Would We Be Without WAWA?

      This is the weekend when we get to pretend that summer is here!

      We forget that the calendar tells us that summer starts officially on June 21. Those of us in the Northern states try to forget that we still have to go to school for another two, three or even four weeks while our Southern friends gleefully post on Facebook that school is out or just about out.

      It's the weekend for parades and ceremonies to honor our armed forces and remember the price that has been paid for our freedom and liberty.

      It's the weekend to drag out the grill from its winter hibernation and enjoy some good old all American hot dogs and hamburgers. Old school basic with chips and soda or Pinterest-palooza with all those new recipes you've been stashing away for summer picnic feasts!

      It's a weekend to hopefully find some time to enjoy a little down time with family and friends, appreciating and being grateful for all we have been blessed with in our country. We might even reflect on some of the things that make our country, our state, our region wonderful.

     Like WAWA. Yes, it's true. I'm a fan. Not quite an addict, but definitely a fan. And so is my family, especially if the day has just been one of those too busy to actually get anything prepared in the line of meals days when I announce, "OK, I think tonight will have to be a WAWA night."

     Now, I know that friends from my corner of the world are quite possibly nodding heads in total agreement. And my friends from other areas are peering at the screen asking, "What in the world IS Wawa?"

     Wawa could possibly be described as a corner store . . . on steroids. The hub of the neighborhood, the mecca of snacks and sandwiches, treats and beverages. Coffee. Hoagies. On Amoroso rolls. A gallon of milk when we're out . . . again. Bread and other grocery items if you want the convenience and don't mind the extra cost. Donuts and muffins. Smoothies. Soup and sides. Wraps and salads and breakfast sandwiches. Tastykakes. Countless varieties of chips and cold drinks. Gas at great prices. Great food to go. And people holding the door for each other.

     Really. I haven't found any other place that I frequent where this phenomena occurs like it does at Wawa.  It's part of the Wawa culture. No one would think of entering or exiting Wawa without holding the door for the person behind them. Seriously. I've been watching this happen consistently at Wawa for years now and finally realized why - everyone is so happy at Wawa that the endorphins are just buzzing and harried and hurried people become pleasant and polite! What a bonus side to go with your Turkey and Provolone with light mayo and oil Shortie!

     Do not even try to talk to me about Sheetz or Turkey Hill or 7 - Eleven. Or whatever your neighborhood mega corner store chain is. They just can't compare. Yes, I've been heard to say that Sheetz is just Wawa's evil stepbrother. (!) I told you I'm a fan. I grew up on Wawa and loyal I will stay.

      It's good to have something that can bring out the happy in people for awhile. Even better if  it's as simple as a great cup of coffee and a package of Peanut Butter Tandytakes.




  1. If I hadn't gone with you to visit your parents last yr. before heading to the airport & passing a Wawa, I wouldn't know what one was. Beside, out here in Cowboy Oklahoma, they don't know what a corner store is. One has to be from PA, NY, NJ, or MD to know what a corner store is. We have Quik Trips (QTs for short) which are wonderful but apparently not as wonderful as a Wawa. It is more on the line of 7-11 which we don't have anymore. And Tastykakes...No, boo hoo! They have Little Debbies & used to carry Hostee stuffs but we all know that there no longer is a Hostess bakery company. And yes, today IS the last day of school for the Tulsa metro area. No more driving slowly through school zones on the way to work for 3 months! Yippee skippy!

    1. Enjoy the beginning of your summer!!! 3 months! yippe skippee indeed!!

  2. Wawa is always my first stop after arriving at the airport. We have QT's and Racetrack in the DFW area but I do not frequent them. It just is not the same :-( (Judie Grace)

  3. I do love a Wawa sandwich : ) School doesn't let out for summer in our town until June 28th thanks to Sandy. I can't even imagine trying to keep kids engaged in much of anything at the end of June. See you soon!