Monday, October 22, 2012


     My last two weekends have just been chock full of wonderfulness and it's about time I catch up on writing about them, don't you think? : )

     Last weekend was Fall Break for my son and I wanted to be sure we were well stocked with some of his favorites. Plenty of cereal and milk plus Kraft Mac and Cheese are the usual fare but some apple cider, a frosted donut with jimmies (sprinkles) from Landis Supermarket, some Herr's BBQ potato chips and at least one stop at Wawa fill out the local staples nicely.

    We hadn't seen Logan since Labor Day weekend and I love having him home to visit so we can catch up on how his classes are going, what's up on campus, how the jazz band is sounding this year, how his intramural sports team are playing and so on. He even shocked me by only bringing a small basket of laundry instead of the usual I'vebeensavingthis?loadstashforweeksnowMom mountain!What a nice surprise - and just so great to have Logan with us for the weekend.

    And because it was Homecoming week at the high school, he was soon giving his sister a little friendly advice before her Powder Puff Football game.

       Unfortunately, even after a hard and well fought game, the juniors lost . . . but I finally got a smile from behind the purple palmed face. Yes, my daughter is competitive and no, Nana, she did not get hurt playing football. : )
      Friday night brought another win for Pennridge at their Homecoming game and we continue to love the excellence and joy coming from the Marching Rams Band.

      Then it was on to Saturday night's Homecoming Dance. 
     OH my, oh my, oh my. . . when did my baby girl grow up??  Yes, Don is keeping the shotgun handy!!

     One of the things I miss when Logan is away at school is serving together in our family service at church, Family Fusion. So it was great that he was back up that Sunday, in his cast character of Marshall. I was producing so got to enjoy it all ringside and am so thankful that my boy has found joy in using his gifts to serve Jesus. : )

It was great to have one of his best friends home that weekend too. These guys have grown up together and I love seeing their friendship continue to be important to both of them.

      And then he was off to school and when we walked back into the house . . . yeah, it was just a little too quiet again . . .

     So how do you create another weekend that's not quiet? Get together with some of your favorite old friends from camp!!

A small group of us gathered this past weekend at our friend Sheila's house near Bethany Beach in Delaware and may I just say, it was not quiet. And that was a good thing - as we laughed and talked and laughed and talked and laughed and . . . oh yeah, we ate too.

 Sandy Cove Stew - OK, I know you're thinking it looks completely unappetizing, but you haven't lived until you've eaten some of this. Best made over a campfire of course, but this concoction of ground beef, bacon, onion, tomato sauce, potatoes, cheese and carrots is oh so yummy. We usually have it with dough boys wrapped around a stick and cooked over that same fire, but these yummy cheese biscuits were mighty fine too.

It didn't take us long at all to be catching up over games and puzzles, finding out how each other's families are doing, what's happening in each others' classrooms, and seeing who can still stay up past 11 p.m. on a Friday night!! : )

   A little shopping, lunch with a gorgeous view and some beach time makes for a fantastic Saturday.

 OK, it wasn't all about the food, but we certainly did enjoy some good meals together! And it was my first time eating lobster in the right out of the shell version. Lots of work, but pretty fun once I got the hang of it!

  Thank you Sheila, for sharing your beautiful beach house with us!

 Thank You Lord, for two wonderful weekends, and for wonderful family and friends to share them with.      


  1. Do the juniors EVER win the powder puff game? I think it's rigged! :)

  2. So glad that you are able to take this time to enjoy family and friends. Our Carly was home on break last weekend telling of her RA adventures. hadn't seen her in 9 weeks.

    Love the stew, am going to make it again this week.

  3. Love when those college kids come home; it's the best! Looks like you've had a couple of great weekends. We make a similar stew and you made my mouth water. The picture of the dunes at the end of the post...awesome!