Thursday, July 26, 2012

On that Same Road . . . . Again . . .

    The nice thing about a road trip along 81 through Virginia is just how pretty it is. Now don't feel neglected, Tennessee, you were lovely too, but today is about the second leg of the trip home from Nashville, and I was thankful for all the mountains and trees and yes, thank you, blue skies and almost Toy Story clouds for much of the ride. If you've made the drive up or down the East Coast on I-95, you know what a welcome view that can be.

     Unless you enjoy counting all the signs until you reach South of the Border . . .                                  

 Of course the pictures don't do it justice and we were zipping along at . . . the speed limit, of course (!) . . .  but I think you still get that ahhhhhh factor of rural America hemming in the highway on a summer day. And we certainly won't take the time for an ethics discussion on speed limits but does anyone else get excited when you see a posted speed limit of 70? Reminds me of the time when we were heading out for a family get together and I was pulled over on the PA Turnpike when I made the unfortunate decision to pass an RV that was already rumbling along quite briskly. The little corner of the State Trooper's mouth turned up ever so slightly when my response to his "And where are we going in such a hurry today? was a chirpy, "To a birthday party!" Oh the extended grace of a warning!

  Thankfully we weren't stuck behind this guy for too long or I might have needed even more survival chocolate!

Our destination on this leg of the trip was Camp Sandy Cove, where our son is a counselor for the summer. Yes, the camp is in West Virginia now, but it's still the same camp organization where I spent 12 wonderful summers of my young life and where our daughter has loved      going the past four summers.
      The circus cabin for the younger campers was doing their end of the week performance (although it had to be moved indoors due to rain which meant no trapeze unfortunately) and we were happy to make it in time to see that show and catch up a bit with "Chief Logan".

   (There's a whole 'nother post about seeing my son carry on the legacy at camp . . .  I knew he would be a good Chief and would love spending his summer at CSC! How could he not??)

  And for all you CSC alums reading this, is it any surprise that the CITs had to come to the rescue and push the camp truck??

 Some things never change.  

We were staying overnight nearby after a long day on the road so went back the following day to visit in between camper pick up and camper drop off.
      After a brotherly sisterly jumping on one another/oh, I miss messing around with you session, the sibs consented to one nice picture. With their schedules this summer, they won't get to see each other much and we were all glad to have a little extra short but sweet time over lunch which included Sandy Cove Stew! Rain on Friday night had caused Cookin instead of Cookout so the meal was missing some of that campfire flavor but is always tasty nonetheless. If you've never had camp stew, especially Sandy Cove Stew, then you have truly missed a culinary delight! Combo with Dough boys and s'mores for dessert and you have cookout heaven!

     Staff meeting and soon-to-be arriving campers were calling the Chiefs so we were off on the final stretch of our journey. So many miles in oh such a short string of days definitely called for ice cream at Rakestraw's in Mechanicsburg (one of our favorite spots from college days) and supper at that staple of interstate travelers everywhere, Cracker Barrel! You've got to love a place that has mastered the art of breakfast all day long and their sourdough toast just makes me happy every time. : )

     We feared shunning from our trio of felines . . . if you have cats you know they tend to punish you when you've left them alone for any length of time . . . but surprisingly two of the three were quite happy to see we'd returned and especially that we'd brought our daughter home. Number three didn't show up until the next day - was she punishing us or simply off on an indoor/outdoor cat adventure? Probably her own version of Interstate 81 and just like us, always happy to be home once again. 


  1. CIT's : ) Did they come directly from cleaning latrines? I love Cracker Barrel on trips down South. I always buy a big jar of the fireballs for the road too.

  2. Am enjoying your adventures! Had forgotten about Rakestraw's. What's your favorite flav? Am still working on blog. Will be ahigherspire at wordpress, though yours is looking more user friendly.